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Welcome to State Parkway Partners

Our Mission

Are you working to transform your organizations’ capabilities from transactional service delivery to value creation, from “we need a course” to “we need a result”? Are you seeking to operate at the strategic level and move at a real-time pace with the rest of the business? If you are, then we can show you how to:

  • align your talent investments with business objectives, strategies, and processes
  • identify and prioritize talent investment opportunities and target specific business results
  • dynamically manage your talent investments as a prioritized and optimized portfolio
  • balance strategic and operational, short term and long term investments
  • implement the roles, responsibilities, and governance practices that make this all happen
  • demonstrate accountability for achieving targeted business results

At State Parkway Partners, our ideal clients are transformational CHROs, CLOs, and VPs of L&D and Talent Management who are strategic thinkers and leaders. Our sole mission is to provide you with a comprehensive methodology for keeping talent investments aligned to business goals, objectives, and strategies as well as for creating accountability for targeted, measurable business outcomes.

Moreover, our Aligned-to-Business (A2B) methodology has been published as a detailed how-to guide titled The CEO’s Talent Manifesto: Align Talent Investments to Achieve Targeted Results. Our role is to provide you with the assessment, advice, training, and coaching you need to implement the methodology and adapt it to your culture and organization. Our services include:
* Overview and introductory on-line and in-person workshops
* Detailed implementation workshops
* Implementation planning guidance
* Implementation phase by phase review and coaching
* CLO role guidance and coaching

The CEO’s Talent Manifesto: Align Talent Investments to Achieve Targeted Results is available at





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